The Mipsters are peaceful, fun-loving creatures that live in a distant part of the galaxy. Their homeworld, the planet “Mip” is very much like Earth and they spend the vast majority of the day laughing, bouncing, sleeping and then bouncing again. The Mipster’s language consists of just one word (For those of you who have not guessed its “Mip”) and the only reason they understand each other is from the tone of their speech. 


One day not so long ago, a strange looking spaceship appeared in the sky and evil-looking creatures beamed down to the planet Mip. These creatures (that appeared to be quite obsessed with their hair), had special powers which enabled them to deflate the Mipsters, until they disappeared completely. The mipsters imaginatively called these creatures “Mipster hunters”


 The remaining Mipsters bounced as hard as they could (Just like their ancestors had), until they reached space. There, they used the ancient array of portals to escape to another part of the galaxy, in the hope of finding another planet. The Mipster hunters followed them in an attempt to block their escape.

Only you can help guide the poor little Mipsters to safety. Each  Mipster can only travel through their own-coloured portal to travel to the other side of the galaxy safely.




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